Peer to Peer Donation Script.

A fully automated software enabling you to start your own website like a peer-to-peer donation script. Start your own member-to-member help website like peer to peer donation, morez, cashgang, zewang with our pre-built software.

Pro HYIP offers one of the most advanced Peer to peer donation script with unique features and an easy to use the system. Our experienced team has developed one of the most powerful peers to peer donation script with trendy functionalities.

Key Features

Member Help System

In Peer to Peer Donation Script, member side has a dashboard, profile information, referrals, referral link, donation, support messages, member bonus, news.

Registration Bonus

Registration Bonus easy to share sites with your friends simply refer them your referral ID and start earning amount.

Guider Bonus

By reaching the guider level, one can earn their guider bonus. Higher rank members will earn the multi-level bonus by attaining the various higher level.

Level Up Bonus

In Peer to Peer Donation Script When the user deposit, who upper level of users are get bonus depend upon their levels.

Speed Start/Fast Start Bonus

Peer to Peer Donation Script system sets the time for payment. If the user pays their amount at that time, the user will get a commission.

Step by Step Financial Growth

Peer to Peer Donation Script system Provide Help Transaction for the member, the system calculates the daily interest depend upon our site plan like 50%, 100% growth.

Internal Currency

Peer to Peer Donation Script internal currency is BITCOIN. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not backed by any country’s central bank or government.

Direct Referral Commission

It allows the user to refer the site of their friends with a unique referral URL in their account dashboard. If any of the users join using the URL, the user gets a commission for the first deposit.

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