System Requirements

  1. Linux OS.
  2. Apache Web Server.
  3. My SQL Version 5.2 (Or) Above.
  4. PHP version 7.X.X.X
  5. The safe mode is disabled.
  6. GD library is installed: GD library should be enabled in the PHP .ini file. It used for dynamic image creation. From PHP we use the GD library to create GIF, PNG, or JPG images instantly from our code.
  7. CURL support is enabled: CURL is one of the most powerful PHP extensions. This PHP extension is required to ensure support for secure connections and some payment systems.
  8. File uploads are enabled.
  9. To send mails from PHP, the mail() function must be enabled.
  10. MCrypt is enabled – MCrypt allows developers to use a wide range of encryption functions. This PHP extension is required for secure payment systems like Egopay.
    To automate certain tasks, you need access to Cron (Linux) or Scheduled Tasks (Windows).
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