Nowadays most of the companies starts adopting the MLM investment plan into their business. The Investment plan MLM software helps you to calculate the benefit of the company and also the people.

Below are some of the important features that make MLM Investment Plan a great deal to have. We at Pro HYIP Software solutions, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable software developers which create best platform for the multi level marketing companies as well the investor. With our software, you can be able to find out and locate the right products in which you invest the money to gain more money.

Our Investment MLM Software is one of the most advanced software of its kind comes with numerous functionalities.

Special Features of MLM Software


Pro Hyip comes with the most powerful dashboard. Our dashboard will makes the process much easier and more simpler.

Email Management

With this feature, admin can control mail content sending to users and also make sure that any code is not deleted.


With the help of our settings module, you can easily make changes like enable or disable the payment gateway and Level commission.

SEO Friendly

Our developers has doeveloped SEO friendly script with meta tags provisions like meta title, meta keywords, meta description and more.

Instant Setup

With our script, you can make your full featured website live instantly.

Database Back up

You can back up the database in just minutes through the easy-to-use with Pro HYIP admin panel.

Custom Features

Daily Interest Rate Calculation

Monthly Interest Rate Calculation

Yearly Interest Rate Calculation

Admin Back Office

Member Back Office

E-Pin Generator

Report Generation

Secure E-Wallet

Commission Report

Payout Statement

Payment Gateway Integration

User-Friendly Interface

24/7 Tech Support

Web-Based Application


Pro HYIP strives hard to provide our clients with the top quality script and to make sure that our software is tailor made that meet our clients’ individual needs.

With the help of developers, we have desgined and developed a script with special features to meet all your your business requirements and We help you provide excellent customer service to your customers through our ticketing system. Make use of our ticketing system to ensure your customers issues handled appropriately.