Perfect money Instructions

Setup Perfect Money SCI

1. Enter your Perfect Money account.

2. Switch to Settings page.

3. Enter your Alternate Passphrase and save settings.
Note that this password should be strong and unique – contains capital letters, digits and special characters.
Never provide your Alternate Passphrase to thirdparty!

4. Enter Pro HYIP admin payment Settings page and setup Perfect Money SCI:


5. Do not forget save Settings.

6. Create test user account and make deposit via Perfect Money to test your settings.

Setup Perfect Money API

1. Enter your Perfect Money account.

2. Switch to Settings page.

3. Switch to “Change Security Settings” page:

4. Scroll down to API (Automated Program Interface) and click on “Enable” button:

5. After API enabled you will see green light next to the title and IP Mask “Edit” button.

6. Optionally for more security you can add your server outgoing IP to IP Mask. Get your server outgoing IP from your hoster.


Auto Payout

1. Enter Pro HYIP admin Auto-Withdrawals Settings page and setup Perfect Money API:
Account ID – your primary Perfect Money account ID
Payer Account – your Perfect Money USD wallet (Uxxxxxxx)
PerfectMoney Password – your primary Perfect Money password – you use to access your account.
2. Do not forget save Setting

3. Currently Perfect Money starts deny access API from several IP’s. If you will see your IP is not allowed, we can’t help you with this problem. You have contact PM to unblock your IP, ask your hoster change your IP or change hosting at all.