Advanced HYIP Manager Software with Exchanger

We believe in continuous development and adding useful features to the software and improve it’s efficiency & user experience. We have a dedicated team working on the software, and have a guiding road map. Our team is happy to get inputs from end users and add new features & functionalities. The section below describes key features of the HYIP Software. For a complete walk-through of each product, schedule a demo with our support staff.

Responsive Web Design

The software is Mobile Ready

ProHYIP is designed using the Twitter Bootstrap UI framework and natively support HTML5 and mobile ready.  As a user, you can access the website using your Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. The design fits to your screen size and give you the best user experience in any device.


HYIP Plan Builder

Unlimited Plans with multiple variations

Set any number of plan with proHYIP – Advanced HYIP Package & Plan Building Option

By Interest Calculation Method

  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest

By Interest Calculation Cycle

  • Daily
  • Variable Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Hourly (*Coming Soon)

By Principal Withdraw Options

  • Interest Only, no Principal Withdraw
  • Partial Principal Withdraw
  • Full Principal Withdraw

Other Options

  • Min & Maximum Amount per Plan
  • Calculate Interest on Weekday Only ( Monday  – Friday )

User Management

Manage all your users from admin back office

Admin Control panel include a powerful and advanced User Management System, enabling the admin to manage his business, users & support effectively.

All Basic Operations

  • Add User
  • Edit User
  • Delete User
  • Activate / Suspend
  • Verify / Unverify
  • Reset Login Password
  • Reset Transaction Password

Complete User Operations

  • Make Deposit (Manual)
  • Process Withdraw
  • Give Bonus
  • Charge Penalty
  • Fund Transfer
  • Exchange Money
  • Message to User

View Financial Data

  • View User Summary
  • View Profile Info
  • View Referral Info
  • Total Earnings
  • Account Balance
  • Available Balance
  • Balance By  Payment Gateway

Advanced Features

  • Import Users by XLS
  • Export Users
    • PDF
    • CSV
    • XLS

View History / Log

  • User Deposit History with Filters (By Plan, Date, Status)
  • User Withdraw History with Filters ( By Status, By Date, By Plan)
  • User Bonus / Penalty History
  • User Referral History
  • User Fund Transfer History
  • User Exchange History
  • Transaction History
  • Login History

Settings & Configuration

Complete control over the site

We grouped all the settings to user friendly sections, so you can make the needful settings and control the site

Payment Gateway Settings

By default, the software supports 11 payment gateways include Paypal, Okpay, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay, Bitcoin, Skrill, Perfect Money, Payza, Neteller, Webmoney and Bankwire.

Exchange Currency Settings

As admin you can set the percentage (%) for each exchange of currency (from one payment gateway to another gateway). This allows you to set your business model as per market demands.

Registration Form Settings

Complete control over the registration form.  Check / Uncheck the fields as needed by your business. With minimal details, you can enroll the user and later ask him to complete the profile

Referral Settings

Referral is a market tested way to promote your website.  As admin you can set multiple level of referral and also set their percentage (%) commission.

Base Currency Settings

By default,  USD ($) is set as base currency, you can add any Currency and set it as the base currency for your site

Admin Commission Settings

As an admin, you can set a percentage( %) commission towards the Payout, Principal Withdraw & Fund Transfer. This amount will be deducted from user and added to your earnings.

Mail Templates

In ProHYIP, we designed a robust mail template system allowing you edit the contents of the all automated out going mails.

SMTP Settings

The HYIP Software designed to send mails via SMTP or by PHP-Mailer, you can enable or disable the SMTP and also set your own server credentials.

Withdraw Settings

To have better control over your business, we designed the settings to Limit the Withdraw. As admin, you can set Minimum & Maximum withdraw limits and withdraw frequency.

Site Settings

Site Settings page, allows you to set  Logo, FavIcon, Mobile Icons & Meta Contents and set Admin Emails.

Analytics / Scripts

You can easily add Google Analytics Code or Other Tracking Codes / Scripts through Admin Panel.  They will be added directly in Template. No need to tweak the code.

Crypto Currencies

Our HYIP Manager Script supports Ethreum, Litecoin, Dogecoin Crypto Currencies

Additional Features

More Utility features to enhance web experience

Sub Admin

Admin can create additional sub-admin with  access control and maintain the site more effectively.

IP Block

IP Blocking allows the additional layer security and helps you to prevent the site access from unwanted IP Address.

User Groups

User groups allows you to filter your based on Country, Deposit Amount & Date of Join. You an use groups for promotional mailers, bonuses.

Contact Forms

Contact forms allows the User to communicate to the admin. Admin can get all the contact form messages in Mail and Admin  Back Office.


Admin can send newsletter from the admin panel, no need for additional software or tools.

Newsletter Templates

The software pre-loaded with newsletter templates for instant use.

Database Reset

If you are a trail-n-run guy, you can use this Database Reset Option to reset all the data back to it’s install initial status.

Database Export

Export the Database for regular backup & maintainence.